I’m working in my moleskin notebook and I’m planning and reflecting on some dates in this month of February.

Not ‘dates’ in the romantic sense but specific days that are important to me and when I have to get things done. However, I do note that several dates this month are indeed significantly connected to love.

My wife and her extended family are Indonesian-Chinese so we’re in the midst of celebrating Chinese New Year. Our eldest son just got engaged to his partner last Friday and in 5 more days we’re into Valentine’s Day. The next day is my mother’s 81st birthday.  In my family we’ve got lots of love to celebrate this month.

mum's birthday

As I reflect on the importance of planning and remembering “dates” I also want to share an excellent resource for CAS Coordinators’ calendars.

These two (2) calendars come from Stefanie Sandford, Associate Development Officer in the IBAP office in Sydney.

I’m sure that you too will find them very useful when planning your own CAS events in your respective learning communities.

CAS calendar 1 CAS calendar 2

I write my reminders and reflections in my journal.

February 2011  –  “remember : love and best wishes to my mum on her birthday, to our son and his fiancé on their engagement, to my wife on Valentine’s day, and to my nuclear and extended family, and also to you my readers, in this year of the rabbit.”