In my last posting I talk about the ‘consensual view’ that Chromium has no role in the body.

But what did I mean by the consensual view?

Well, with scientific ideas, we find that over time they get reviewed, modified, changed, adapted, tweaked (call it what you may) as more and more scientific related discoveries are made. This is the very nature of the scientific method.

The consensual view on a theory or idea is the view held by the majority of people using the evidence in front of them. It may not always be correct but generally, it is felt that evidence points to a particluar line of thought.

This idea of trhe consensual opinio is brilliantly demonstrated in the video below. It is taken form a BBC ‘Horizon’ documentary, ‘Science Under Attack’ regarding the ‘Climate Gate Scandle’. Watch the video from around 28 minutes – give it about two minutes. That said, watch the whole video – it is excellent!