Winter break holidays are coming to an end so now is the time to pull your applications together for the 2017 deadlines.

UK: January 15, 2017 for September 2017 entry. Late applications are allowed until June but the applications received by January 15th will be read and responded to as priority.  If you do apply late please note that many popular courses at popular institutions will be filled quickly.  UCAS has the information on its website.

USA: January 1st – 15th. The General Application deadline falls between January 1st – 15th but there are also some later deadlines (check your college/university websites for the exact date).  Some deadlines have already passed (see ‘Applying Early to the UK and USA’ posted September 14, 2016).   Some universities also offer Rolling Admission on a first-come, first-served style basis, open all year round.  See Collegeboard for deadline information.

Canada: Various dates. Check out the dates via these links:  and

EU: Various dates ranging from December through to September of the year of entry!  Most are from January through March but some are later – some as late as September and a few have already passed.  Please check for dates on the following links….. (this is not an exhaustive list as not all countries in the EU have centralised systems).  In all cases please double-check on the individual university website.


The Netherlands:




European citizens:

Alternatively, European countries can be researched via the ‘studyin’ websites..  For example:

As so many of you will apply to a variety of institutions, check your deadlines very carefully.  As soon as you know your dates, add them to your Excel Spreadsheet!  This way you will not miss any deadlines!

And remember:  have someone check over your application for you before you click on the SEND button!!   Having a set of fresh eyes to check for typos is really important!