March 22nd is World Water day.


While the world’s population tripled in the 20th century, the use of renewable water resources has grown six-fold. Within the next fifty years, the world population will increase by another 40 to 50 %. This population growth – coupled with industrialization and urbanization – will result in an increasing demand for water and will have serious consequences on the environment.

To that end I have posted below several links to sites and resources. Perhaps the topic would be suitable for Group 4? Perhaps they will give you ideas to possibly incorporate within Earth day (Aprill 22nd)

Join the World water day twitter

Join the Run for water Campaign

Possible ways to get involved and campaign for Water

See how much water YOU use

Visit the BBC static map to read up on some of the worlds water flashpoints

Check out the excellent National Geographic site. Note the fun interactive features to the right. Check out the water quiz.