Shadow Theatre

With my students in class recently we started working on Wayang Kulit, and as an introduction we looked at shadows and how they are used in performance. Below is the work that we did. I hope that this will give you some ideas of your own for your own Research Presentations and Directing.

Soon we will be working on Shadow theatre and shadow puppetry.

Section 1:

Watch the 3 videos below and make notes on the lighting used, shadows created and key aspects of the performance you would take away. List 5 points per video:



Hand shadow


Section 2:

Put the link here for another shadow performance you found:


Here are a few my students found:


Section 3:

The world theatre practice we will be working on in Wayang Kulit. Carry out research and paste the information (with source) below:

  1. an image of a wayang kulit puppet, with name
  2. some reliable information about Wayang Kulit
  3. a short film to show the dalang working the puppets


Good luck with your own research and directing!