There are several significant changes that have taken place in ITGS. This is a one-stop listing to make certain everyone is up-to-date.

The new ITGS Guide that was posted in January 2016 which appears inside the Guide. The cover does not indicate any change from the former cover.

ITGS Guide 2016-01-31 at 6.22.33 PM

There are two major revisions:

  • Project assessment criteria for May 2015 session and onwards
  • HL Paper 1 and SL Paper 1 for May 2016 session and onwards

ITGS Project for May 2015 and onwards

Both Criterion E and Criterion G have changed. This means thatfrom the May 2015 examination session onwards the marks awarded for the HL/SL project are:
• Criterion E changed from 8 marks to 7 marks.
• Criterion G changed from 3 marks to 4 marks.

A screencast is required for Criterion G. The screencast must demonstrate that the product is fully functional. The screencast must highlight those techniques explained in Criterion E. A maximum of 5 minutes is allowed.

The total number of marks for the ITGS HL/SL project is
remains at 30 marks. However, the distribution of marks for the ITGS Project also changed.

ITGS HL/SL Grade Boundaries for the Project

Grade  Mark


HL Paper 1 and SL Paper 1

In the May 2016 examination session there will be changes to SL Paper 1 and HL Paper 1 in the number of questions which must be answered and in the time allocation for SL Paper 1. Each question will now have an allocation of 45 minutes on both papers.

ITGS SL paper 1

  • will change from 1 hour 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes
  • candidates must answer any two questions out of four questions.
  • the nature of the questions will not change from previous papers.
  • each question is 20 marks for total of 40 marks.

ITGS HL paper 1

  • will remain at 2 hours 15 minutes
  • candidates must answer three questions; two from Section A (no change) and one from Section B (3.10 IT systems in organizations and 3.11 Robotics, AI and Expert Systems)
  • both topics 3.10 and 3.11 must be studied in order to be successful on Section B.
  • each question is 20 marks for total of 60 marks.

These changes are reflected in the ITGS Guide that is now available on the Online Curriculum Center (OCC) for ITGS teachers. This Guide replaces the previous Guide. Questions from teachers can be addressed through the OCC Discussion Forum.