Students most frequently use cell phones for capturing images and videos for inclusion in IB work. These can be huge not only from the file size of each image or length of each video, but also from the sheer number that a student may wish to transfer to the teacher, other students or even to their own computer from a remote location.

One of the most effective ways of transferring files from a remote location is by using an online file transfer service such as WeTransfer.

wetransfer image

WeTransfer has been used for huge file transfers in the past on desktop computers and laptops. Now there is a WeTransfer app that can be downloaded to the cellphone from the Apple AppStore or from Googleplay.

No registration or login required. It is free. The only restriction is that advertising images display the entire time you are uploading or downloading files.

The process for sending the files to another device is quite simple:

  1. provide the email address(es) that the files should be sent to (even your own if you wish to download the files to another device such as a desktop computer)
  2. attach images and videos up to a total of 2GB
  3. click send

To download the images and videos:

  1. open the email on the desired device
  2. click on the link provided in the email from WeTransfer
  3. download will be completed

The files remain available on the WeTransfer servers for 7 days.