Hi all,


Welcome to the return of the Design Technology blog section for the IB Diploma.

Over the coming months and year I will be blogging on specific areas of the syllabus, giving exam advice and revision tips, highlighting resources and probably most importantly focusing on areas of design inspiration.

Why do I think focusing on design inspiration is most important? Well as I say to all new students and prospective students to an IB Design Technology course – the most important skill and prerequisite to this course is a natural inquisitiveness for design and reading, reading, reading about past and current designers and how they are solving the problems placed in front of them.

Many will be reminded of the often misquoted (and never ratified) “Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal” – from Pablo Picasso. Although the recent update shown above my add a further nuance that you as design students may want to discuss or as a teacher may want to start the year as a 5 minute intro to the subject highlighting the importance of influence and inspiration on all famous designers.

Anyway I will leave you with a couple of other quotations that may amuse you as Design Technology students and teachers alike. The first few posts will focus on this area of inspiration as I am sure students and teachers enjoy the final weeks of their summer break and start thinking of an exciting start to another academic year.

“Math is easy; design is hard” – Jeffrey Veen

“Being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist” – Noreen Morioka

Please always feel free to comment, ask any specific questions or requests on areas that I may cover.