I would like to say a very big welcome to the Oxford Study Courses Ltd Biology blogging site.

As you can see from my previous blogs; I have been writing for a little while and I encourage you to review my earlier posts as they cover a variety of topics that you may find of interest and useful in supporting both your teaching (teacher focus) and learning (student focus) in the Biology Diploma.

The purpose of these blogs are therefore twofold:

To provide support and guidance to students on topics within the programme and to give strategies for teachers in the delivery of the syllabus. My experience as both a face 2 face (f2f) and online workshop leader, together with my role as an assistant examiner and internal assessment moderator, provide me with knowledge on a variety of topics and issues that will be of interest.

To start:

Let’s look at what’s in store for the much anticipated new curriculum that begin September 2014 with first examinations 2016. Below I have posted the latest reports that I have taken from the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC).

Biology curriculum review report March 2012

Biology curriculum review report Dec 2012

In September I will be completing an online course as part of the training programme for workshop leaders and will expand on the pertinent issues at that time.