Regular readers will probably have realised I like writing about water. Especially water found on other places than the earth.

I was glancing through New Scientist magazine the other day and came across an article on Triton, one of Neptune’s moons.  And guess what ….

…. Yup, it is thought to have liquid water. Which means it is the third moon in our solar system that is thought to contain liquid water (along with Europa around Jupiter and Enceladus around Saturn).

And where there is water ….. well, who knows what we may find.

Triton is unusual as it is found in a retrograde orbit – it orbits the planet in the opposite direction to which it is spinning. It is the only known moon to do this. Triton is thought to be warmed gravitation heating, making scientists now speculate that it has a liquid ocean, insulted by frozen ice above it.

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