DP students should question why is CAS, and especially service, compulsory in the DP program.

The question and debate about whether a service program should be mandatory or voluntary is, according to Samuel Halperin – the director of the American Youth Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. “.…a red herring.The students who benefit most from service activities are the ones who would never volunteer.  Those who think they’re going to hate it end up loving it.”

But is this explanation enough to convince you that the service aspect of CAS is to be accepted as mandatory?

Do we know for sure that a compulsory program of service is like a tonic or panacea?

Will service really make you “a better person”?

I invite you to read this testimonial from Emmanuel Lammonier, a JIS CAS alumni and good friend whom I interviewed for inclusion in our book CAS Illustrated.

Emmanuel What you did for CAS when you were a DP student-1-2