On Saturday September 15th I was happy to help run an international IBDP visual arts ‘webinar’.

This involved real-time communication with many experienced visual arts examiners and workshop leaders all over the world and representing all the IB regions – the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, African and the Middle East.

We ran two sessions, morning and afternoon,  so that people in their different time-zones would have a chance of getting to at least one, and thankfully the technology worked.

The Visual Arts Subject Manager and I were able to talk to leaders throughout both sessions, to read text messages immediately they were sent, and also to hear participants when they ‘raised’ their hand indicating they wanted to talk.

The main purpose was to give these leaders a better understanding of the changes to the visual arts assessment process, and from the feedback so far received, this seems to have been achieved.

IBDP visual arts is the first subject to ever to run a live and interactive presentation for participants, so hopefully other subjects will look and learn and think about doing the same, and hopefully we might also run more live webinars. It was an intense and quite exciting day!

The photographs were taken when we left for some fresh air between the morning and the afternoon sessions.