The next chance to join other visual arts teachers (in Cyberspace) wanting to learn about the programme happens at the end of this month.

Its a slightly shorter than usual online workshop (4 weeks rather than 6) but we cover the same issues, themes and assignments as the six week workshop, so things are slightly more intense!

Feedback from the last workshop was pleasingly positive – many who signed on with misgivings about ‘online learning’ were happy enthusiasts by the time the workshop ended.

If you are interested, contact Triple A.

Speaking of online, a great and useful website is Delicious

I use it in the workshop to share web-based resources.

Where do you store your favourites on the computer? Do you store them on your computer at work? If so, how do you access them from your computer at home?

Delicious is an online favourites site where you can post useful sites and then tag them with keywords so that you can always search and get them back.

However, it is also a social networking site, so you can also share links with other people with a delicious account.


(Images by students)