This is the fourth and final blog post following on from the visual arts Grade Award meeting that occurred at the end of June.

This time the issue is popular/fashionable – and sometimes stereotypical –  images and techniques: things that many students like to present as part of their final exhibition and which, therefore, we see repeatedly.

At Grade Award (where we obviously have a great overview of visual arts exhibitions from all over the world) one particular technique/image frequently cropped up (‘the eyes that drip paint‘ as one senior examiner described it).

So, following on from earlier posts about ideas and techniques in student artwork that regularly appear (Barbie, Afghan Girl, the half-robot, half-human face etc) we have a new contender sweeping the world of DP visual arts exhibitions – the Marion Bolgnesi style of portrait painting, with watercolour dripping from the eyes.

It’s a quick, loose, and expressive style of painting, but I’d like to see more students doing more with it than just including the style/image as a ‘one-off’, included apparently just to make up the numbers.



Photographs taken while in Cardiff (Wales) for the 2012 May session visual arts grade award meeting