The world of the internet and the web 2.0 environment is both exciting and challenging. The pace of change is extraordinary. Social media, in particular, is growing at explosive rates. Can you believe that Twitter with over 200 million users is only five years old?

Gary Hayes is an award winning multi-platform producer and author. The following are some of the statistics recorded on his blog:

  • 107 trillion emails sent during 2010 – Source Jan 2011
  • Apps installed by users on Facebook per day 20 million – Source Jan 2011
  • 35 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube per minute – Source Jan 2011
  • 10.2 million comments made every 20 minutes on Facebook – Source Jan 2011
  • 2.16 million images per day uploaded to Flickr Source – Jan 2011
  • 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month – Source Jan 2011

Just take a glance at Gary’s Social Media Count, which includes recent statistics from January 2011. Be certain to click on the ’social’, ‘mobile’, ‘games’,  and ‘heritage’ buttons at the top of the page to get the full impact.

The task for any e-learning provider, such as Triple A Learning, is to provide content and training in ways most suited to the teacher and student and to create safe, secure, online learning spaces, where teachers and students can collaborate and reflect on ideas. Over the last 18 months we have trained over 3500 teachers, who continue to have access to our materials for up to one year after workshops officially close.

We are now planning additional innovative and organic approaches to learning and teaching, seeking to maintain and develop our relationships with you and your schools.   We will be inviting you to work with us on creative and longer-term professional development opportunities. We will send news of these developments over the coming year. Some of our future approaches to learning are inspired by ideas examined in the recent Business and Management posts on Crowd Accelerated Learning and Crowdsourcing.