This month I want to show you a series of videos that focus on viruses.

The first explains how a virus invades the body and the relevant cells, to replicate and produce disease causing symptoms in the body.

The second video discusses transmission of a virus and explains why most  cause some harm but are not normally so aggressive as to cause immediate death. The third video is a documentary from the BBC that looks at the history of Ebola and explores how scientists are trying to find a suitable vaccine for the disease. The fourth video is from the Centre for disease, control and prevention (follow this link for information on the disease). It illustrates the medical provision available in the infected areas to treat Ebola and the resources available to those who are infected.

The following video walks you through how a virus takes over the cells of the body and replicates to cause disease [youtube id=”cE0qdqoBFa8″]

The following explains how viruses spread. It discusses why getting a bit ill but not very, is the most effective way for viruses “normally” to spread. [youtube id=”yxonJTWhBJQ”]

BBC documentary that explores the recent Ebola outbreak. It looks at the history and symptoms of the disease. People are interviewed who have recovered from the disease and the video tracts the route for a vaccine. [youtube id=”8kKLKpB1EHA”]

The following video illustrates the medical resources available to those who are treating Ebola patients in Liberia. [youtube id=”s4BhjLJM-DU”]