There are two sessions (May and November) each year for students taking IBDP examinations, and this year November session schools still have the option of using a paper CRB (as with the May session, some schools will also be piloting the e-submission digital upload).

Schools – or at least DP art teachers – occasionally include CDs or DVDs in the back ‘pocket’ of the paper CRBs. These often contain student videos, animations, etc. – but it is important to note that these are not allowed, and are not viewed by Team Leaders.

One of the benefits of the new digital upload process (once all the technological glitches have been ironed out) is the possibility of students uploading their videos so that they can be seen by Team Leaders, senior examiners etc – but DVDs/CDs of videos should not be included in the paper CRB.

Earlier this month, our redoubtable OCC Faculty member Jayson Paterson made a post (on the OCC Visual Arts Forum) calling attention to a related problem, when CRBs go from one country to another (as they frequently do) and encounter official import/export rules and regulations.

If you are submitting the conventional paper CRB booklets for assessment it is critical the no CDs or DVDs are sent with the booklets.

The export codes that are provided to examiners to send on works to the Assessment Division or to their Team Leaders for moderation are for papers/documents only.

The exporting of CDs and DVDs require different codes and export declarations (perhaps as a consequence of CD/DVD piracy).

 If customs detect CD/DVD material, it can hold up shipments which jeopardise student results being released on time.
Team Leaders are directed not to view discs that are included in Examiners’ samples, and they end up being shredded and in landfill”.