As a teacher I would often intersperse handouts with suitable quotes and would put some of the better ones on my classroom wall – including a few used in this slide share presentation. Thinking about these quotes I think that they also provide suitable stimuli for a range of classroom and homework assignments. For example, the class could be split into groups and given one or two of these quotes. The task is to examine the implications of the quote(s) and consider tactical and strategic actions to address the issues presented; this could be done through the use of case studies and company exemplars provided by you or your students. The quotes may provide a simple essay or assignment title. Alternatively you could find the image from the link provided, or use other flickr images, to produce your own PowerPoint presentation on marketing or other business topics, or simply put these on the wall. It certainly is worth browsing Slideshare presentations, as there are many useful materials to help bring variety into the classroom, and as a starting point for discussion and group activities.