One grumble I often have is students refusing to take notes – or just writing those notes poorly or in a very disorganised way. One way to get around this is to simply use the syllabus and specific sections from each unit outline which gives a table like the one shown below :-

The problem with this table is that in some instances the IB has filled in the definitions and examples in others it has not. I find if you are able to copy and manipulate each section and make it blank then you can hand out copies either digital or on paper of each section / definition outline and then students have to neatly fill in and find, research or note down the specific information. If they do this at the end of each Unit – they can then build up a library folder or digital folder with the main revision notes they need. Simple but I have found very effective – the important thing is to make sure that the students are active and filling it in – rather than passive and just reading photocopies.

So in the end when they come to define and give an example of “Morphological Synthesis” – they hopefully can? Can you?