This blog entry is the third one in the series on using multimedia in the BM classroom. The focus is on podcasting.

Do you use podcasts and podcasting in your BM classroom? If you still have not tried it yet now is the time. This blog entry will present some of the benefits of podcasts in teaching and learning BM topics and some resources to start with.

What is a podcast? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary a podcast is a “digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio payer.”

Simply put, podcasting is a type of radio show which allows access to periodic information through downloads on portable devices. It is easy to create and view a podcast and all an individual requires is a computer, internet connection and a recording device.

What are the benefits of using podcasts in your classroom?

Ease of access

Students can access information any time they want, they can easily download it and listen to it whenever they are free.


Teachers can record lectures and upload them online, thus creating an archive of lessons. Students can access previous lectures for reference and when they need clarification on a subject topic. Students who have missed a lesson for some reason can access the information directly, and also , if a teacher misses a lesson they can make the lesson available online for the students.


When students subscribe for a particular podcast they will be notified if there is an update. Podcasting enables easy sharing of information to all subscribed members.

Learning on the go

As every lesson can be downloaded on an iPod or MP3 player or smart phone. Students can attend to a lesson even when they are away from their study place. They are motivated to learn and excel anywhere they go.

Creative learning

Podcasting gives the opportunity to use guest lectures, interviews, etc. in teaching ta topic. It also encourages students to develop own podcasts, improve their listening skills and thus allows teachers to plan creative projects on a variety of topics.

Below are some links for the best business podcasts that attract famous business people to talk on a variety of topics related to their business experience:

This link presents nine business podcasts related to different areas of business and attracting as interviewees a range of professionals: from professors at famous Business schools to entrepreneurs such as Google managers

Entrepreneur presents five more business podcasts that you should stay tuned to in 2016.

Stay tuned this year and create a new way to motivate your students to the subject of BM.