There is a plethora of entrance exams or tests for different universities around the world and they all have deadlines for registering.  From the SATs and ACTs, to the IELTS and TOEFLs, to the TSAs and all the other subject-specific and country-specific exams, you will need to check all dates for registering.  And not only the dates but also the Test Centre availability.  Seats fill up quickly at Test Centres so make sure that you get in there early.

With the early application season upon us for students graduating from High School this year, there are many tests to be sat especially for your US applications and your Cambridge, Oxford, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary applications.  In the US, you will more than likely need to sit the SATs or ACTs. In the UK, Cambridge and Oxford have their own entrance exams for specific subjects and pre-interview assessments as do the Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary courses.  Check them all now – deadlines are fast approaching!

Advisors: On the UCAS Advisors page on Facebook here is a recent post from a Cambridge Admissions Officer:

Do you have students applying to Cambridge (or Oxford) this year? If so this is a plea from the Admissions Office for your help in ensuring students check if their course will require them to sit an assessment in November. If they do, they need to be registered separately from the UCAS application by 15 October. If they fail to do so their application will be rejected.

If you are worried about your students having to travel to another city and sit the assessment in an unfamiliar environment – fear not! You can apply for your school to become a test centre. It’s free and straightforward no matter how many or few students you have. If you’re not already a registered centre you need to apply by the end of September.

Students: Make sure that you have checked all details on your application pages and on the institutions’ websites.

Grade 12/Year 13 students: check all your applications to see what tests you need to register for ASAP!

Grade 11/Year 12 students: start checking ahead of time and make a list of all your potential tests and their deadlines.

Plus, don’t forget that there are costs for these tests – you will need to add those costs to the costs of your applications!


Below is a list of some of the websites that will guide you through some of the test-taking registration processes (this list is not exhaustive)

UCAS General information pages on the entrance tests

University of Oxford Subject Tests and TSA Oxford

University of Cambridge Pre-Interview Assessments

UK Medical and Dental: UK Clinical Aptitude Test

UK Medical, BioMedical and Dental: BMAT

Ireland’s Health Professions Admission’s Test : HPAT

International Medicine Test for entry to Italian Universities to study Medicine: IMAT

Australian Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission’s Test: UMAT

UK Law: LNAT and Cambridge Law Test

English Language Proficiency Tests: IELTS and TOEFL

SATs and ACT

Admissions Testing Service: BMAT, IMAT, CAT, PAT, MAT, HAT, MLAT, ELAT, OLAT, STEP and TSA (as well as Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire and Oxford Philosophy Test)

(You can of course check out other countries’ entrance requirements on Wikipedia…… keep in mind that this is Wikipedia, a freely edited encyclopaedic source).