Workshops are a two-way street, as we know.  From time to time I pick up very good hints from participants.  I also have used one of these sites when I want to give students a better sense of the writers they are studying.  Neither may be new to you, but perhaps not.

The first of these could be a boon to anyone teaching drama in a part of the syllabus, particularly Part 3, the study of genres.  Many of us have little access to the actual performance of plays that we are reading with our students.  It is clear that students writing Paper 2 on plays they have studied or speaking about them in the Part 2 discussion are far better equipped to give a rounded view if they have moved beyond the script to seeing the words actualised.

This site requires purchase and that may be a hurdle in some situations, but it’s likely a case can be made for improved IB results with the help it provides.

There are 3 sources of material on the site, Plays and Productions,  Practice and Practitioners, Theory and Criticism.  I suggest you check it out if you believe it may afford you access to performance of plays you are or are hoping to include in your syllabus.

The second site provides interviews with writers you may be including in your syllabus, and these also include the author reading from her/his work.  I have experienced some of these live, and have also used the videos, both in their entirety and using clips to provoke discussion and writing.  Some of the writer reading and interviews you will find there include Seamus Heaney, Nadine Gordimer, Jamaica Kincaid, Eduardo Galeano, Czeslaw Milosz, Colm Toibin, Russell Banks, Joe Sacco and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

You will find there are other materials on this site, but here is the link to the videos:

If you’re not familiar with Eduardo Galeano, this is a fine introduction, and the Gordimer video is one I find particularly interesting.  But as these are two favorite writers, my view may somewhat biased. . .