TPPP tips for presentations

As you work towards your TPPP and probably have a few practices as mock exam approach, then you may want to follow the following process that I have use with my students. Below is a process that I used for preparing the content, with a focus on the two starting points, synthesis, reflection and referring to roles, productions seen and the realisation of performance. In this process I have tried to hit on all the aspects of the assessment criteria.

I hope that it helps you in your own preparation.

TPPP – preparation process

  1. Choose 2 starting points – key plays, productions been part of, workshops, experiences. Write these in the centre of a large pieces of paper.
  2. Write around your starting points the first 5 thoughts from them in relation to productions seen, TIW, TIP, TIM and applied research.
  3. Add to these 10 ideas your roles in production and realisation of theatre for each one
  4. Any technical theatre experiences, designs and production
  5. Made sure that you have examples of own work and the work of others with reference to TIW, TIM & TIP
  6. What links are there between areas? Draw lines between areas that overlap or you can segue way between.
  7. Where have you applied research and theory? What examples can you give? (sources read, productions seen, workshops participated in, technical experiences and interviews – applied in own work)
  8. What productions have you seen that you can refer to and show applied ideas or theory in my own work, or analyse from a specific perspective? Try to include at least 4.
  9. What images will you use? Remember that an image can be annotated script, designs, lighting cues etc as well as photos and pictures.
  10. How will you construct your introduction and conclusion to first introduce what you are going to say and then summarize what you have said and what you have learnt during the 2 years.