This week in my IB Theatre class we played a game to try to make links between areas of the course, productions seen, theatre in the World practices research/performed/designer for etc. The goal was to explore the synthesis and analysis sections of the assessment, but also to make sure that we were talking about research we had applied practically, rather than just narrating.

Rules of the game

1. Complete the 12 spaces on the 12 cards below:



TIM example

Eg. Making a mask






TIM example 2

Eg. Preparing for a role



TIP example

Eg. Using a mask in performance








TIP example

Eg. Performing Prospero in ‘The Tempest’




Eg. Wayang Kulit








Eg. Brecht and Epic Theatre




Practitioner 1

Eg. Meisner







Practitioner 2

Eg. Artaud



Example of ensemble work

Eg. Devising a piece at a theatre festival










Performance seen 1

Eg. ‘Macbeth’ at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre









Performance seen 2 (contrasting)

Eg. ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream coat’, Musical at a the school


2. Add one experience to the WILD card that you hope to play and maybe use as one of the two starting points for your real TPPP presentation. This can be a repeat of any of the other areas already covered on the cards.

3. Cut up your cards and fan them out in your hand, as if you are playing a game of cards.

4. Sit around a table with 3-4 other players

5. Player 1 puts down a card and explains their own practical work in relation to the card.

6. Player 2, to their left, then places another card down that LINKS to an aspect of what player 1 said.

7. Player 3 links to player 2


The game continues until one student has lost all their cards, they are the winner!

If a student cannot make a connection to what the previous player said, and therefore not go, they say ‘Blackout’.