Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale opened on June 1st, with many pieces and ideas reflecting the more political stance of many contemporary artists.

I know a number of (mainly UK and European) schools that organize school trips so that their IBDP visual arts students can see the artworks presented first hand, but whether you can get there or not the Biennale is a great opportunity for our students to engage with current artistic thinking and to reflect on the various directions contemporary arts are following – serious, insightful and provocative, and/or weird, wild and wonderful.

Since we want our students to demonstrate an understanding of the ideas and techniques that underpin artistic expression, and analyse and compare art from different cultures and times (and consider it for its function and significance etc), asking them to consider the nature, effectiveness and purpose of shows such as the Venice Biennale can be a great way to promote discussion that leads to analysis and understanding.