In a recent blog I wrote about Bali. That activity made me reflect on where I was last year during nyepi.

I was indeed in Seminyak and I then recalled that I had bought a book during my sojourn there. I guiltily confess that this book had sat on my bookshelf for almost a year.

I found it and read it last week. And now I cannot recommend it highly enough.

It’s a powerful handbook for CAS Coordinators –  a ‘must read’ guide that will inspire and breathe life into your CAS program and your CAS cohort of students, advisers, and parents.

In this book, The Power of Giving (2009), authors Azim Jamal and Harvey Mc Kinnon guide us from their title into the fine details of altruism. They clearly elucidate the importance of giving kindness, ideas, advice, attention, skills, time, and hope to others, and they supplement their advice with real examples.

The are 6 chapters:– (1) why give? (2) what can you give? (3) to whom should you give? (4) how, when, where, and how much to give? (5) corporate giving, and (6) giving up. And there’s a very practical “Resource List” of websites, institutions, organizations, foundations, speakers, and writers included.

You can maintain a connection to the inspirational ideas of the authors in a blog and also on Facebook, and the newest edition has an important addition – the authors’ thoughts on “giving in hard times”.