The new DP visual arts course was originally scheduled to start for May session schools (generally those in the northern hemisphere) in two years’ time (August-September 2014), with the new guide being published approximately 6 months before (February 2014).

This may still be the actual timeline, but for a number of reasons the launch of the new course may be postponed for a year or so. This has already been mentioned as a possibility by the OCC DP Visual Arts Forum Facilitator.

Either way, the latest Curriculum Review (May 2012) has now appeared on the OCC, and I have pasted here some screenshots of various pages. If you want to see or download the real thing, go here

In the latest Curriculum Review, the ‘Defined assessment model’ refers to 4 assessment components with Studio being internally assessed, and ‘visual inqury’, ‘comparative analysis’ and the so-called ‘HL differentiator’ all being externally assessed.

Under ‘making’ there are three columns – 2D, 3D and ‘Digital media’ and in the ‘Assessment model’ slide, HL has 4 components as opposed to the 3 that SL has, with the ‘extra’ referring to a Visual Arts project.

Digital media is the working title for techniques/media that are generally non-traditional, may use ‘lens-based’ media, and will usually involve new and recent technological innovation and developments.

There are some pretty big changes being contemplated, with a lot of thought being devoted to new technologies and new media, bearing in  mind that this new course may run until 2022 or 2023.

Any guesses as to the technology/media that will be available to and used by creative artists in 2022?

‘Augmented reality’?

(Crystal ball, anyone?)

Wikipedia defines digital media as “a form of electronic media where data are stored in digital (as opposed to analog) form. It can refer to the technical aspect of storage and transmission (e.g. hard disk drives or computer networking) of information or to the “end product”, such as digital video, augmented reality, digital signage, or digital art. Florida’s digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance Florida, defines digital media as “the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education”.”