As part of the changes present in the new Biology guide, one of the more significant is the formal introduction of the Nature of Science, referred to as NoS.

So what is NoS?

Nature of Science (often abbreviated as NoS) is a term that refers to various topics related to sociology, philosophy, and history of science. It is a metacognition about science’s products in an interdisciplinary analysis of these areas of knowledge, together with specialists in didactics of science and scientists. []

To illustrate its central importance to the Biology course, (IB Biology study guide p.18) the Group 4 aims should be taught through the overarching theme of the Nature of Science. Reference to NoS related topics, each  topic and list of understandings are linked with a NoS (which can be assessed in an examination paper)

The Study guide sums up NoS under the following headers (and provides substantial guidance)

1. What is science and what is the scientific endeavor?

2. The understanding of science

3. The objectivity of science

4. the human face of science

5. Scientific literacy and the public understanding of science

An excellent place to go and read further is the following:

And this is a wonderful TedTalk video that unravels what Science is, and how its pursued.

Well worth watching and sharing with both your colleagues and your students.