It would be interesting to know how the process of developing the mathematical exploration  went for the first generation of students and teachers! The results must be now coming (with some delays 😉 ?).

I must say I learned a lot from my students in the process… Here is one of the topics chosen by my student Benedetto – the mathematics behind juggling. It turns out that even the founder of information theory, Claude Shannon, did domes serious math on his hobby. Here is a recent article about it from the Scientific American.  Have a look at the topic on YouTube and you might be surprised at how many videos are uploaded on the topic, here is an easy one

[youtuber youtube=’’]

You may find there even long lectures …

And a book as well (by Burkard Ploster)


Well, your exploration should be by now almost completed, and hopefully the work on it was fun, as it was for Benedetto.

Good luck with your mock exams now 😯 , and after that with the revision!

In my next post I shall try to review some of the advice given by examiners in the subject reports from May 2013.