Open minded.

I don’t think we would be teachers, let alone Chemistry teachers if we were not open minded. We need to be open to the idea (philosophy) of life long learning. We need to be ready to change our teaching methods by talking to others, listening and learning. I don’t think you would be an IB teacher if you did not do this. How are we open minded Chemistry teachers though?

Fundamentally, we need to be fully aware of the fact that our subject os fluid. Yes, alot of it is over 100 years old (for example, redox cells) but alot of it is modern and still evolving (think Buckballs or annalytical instruments).

The subject gives us ample oppurtunities to teach open mindedness – just think about how the model of the atom has changed over time, or how our thinknig of redox or acids and bases has also changed.

Fundamentally, we need to ensure that our students understand that