Biology at the micro level can often feel a conceptual study of processes that have been inferred from abstract data, such as the Kreb’s cycle or DNA replication.

The following TED video offers a glimpse into the computer generated visualizations of the processes themselves.

[youtube id=”WFCvkkDSfIU”]

This video will hopefully provide inspiration as it highlights three young women winning the top prizes at the first Google Science Fair.

[youtube id=”sHJZRPWXQ9s”]

My third video in the slow month of July is from a favourite website of mine I began my subscription some time ago and often get updates on complex molecular biology research. They also post interesting pages on a diverse range of scientific topics with associated videos. The one below looks at the expected slow down in solar activity. As the world becomes increasingly aware of Global Warming, the video and the LINK serve as a reminder that the Sun is the ultimate entity that controls what happens on Planet Earth. It makes interesting reading.

[youtube id=”168u5GoJk80″]

And as I was wrapping up, I thought I really should add this video that gives some historical background to the last “little Ice Age” referred to in the article above.

[youtube id=”LObn2Sk7tVg”]