Hi, Design Technology students – are you enjoying your long long summer before you start your final year of the IB and final year of Design Technology? Well remember there is the Major Project that you have maybe started or our brainstorming ideas for – so do not waste your summer months simply continue to check out for inspiration on the web. Below I have chosen some links that I think will amuse, inspire and hopefully get you enthused for the upcoming final year of your studies :-

  • Is this constructive discontent – or more just gross discontent at walking out of dirty toilets that made these innovative secondary school students come up with a design solution? So go here to be inspired by their design for a new toilet door handle – sounds boring you may say but I would not be surprised if this makes these students very very successful!
  • A Loughborough University student in the UK, as part of his final projects designed a portable incubator which could save many many lives in the future. An inspirational design – but if you look very simple it was simply finding and researching a very important need – yet more constructive discontent – and imagine the pride this student will feel in such a socially worthwhile innovation.
  • An inspirational design for a lego mindstorms compatible prosthetic arm that enables students with disabilities to design their own tools and devices that can link with their prosethetic arm.
  • Finally one idea that should hopefully amuse – by a problem that many students face when they take off their trainers and whiff a days sweat and smells – so what can you do design and manufacture something that combats this – simply a ‘smelly show solver.’ Great idea but I wonder if it works?
  • And let us not forget – although those designs that actually maybe solve problems that do not need to be solved – Weird Inventions You Never Knew that you Needed!

Have fun getting inspired and you can always check the Design Technology teachers blog for more insiprational links!