Hi students,

Sometimes it takes such a simple design as the one I am about to introduce you to – to make you remember that often the simplest of ideas cannot only be the most inspirational but also the most functional and the product with the most impact throughout the world. Constructive discontent can often lead to what may seem the most complex of problems – ‘How to solve the continual problem of lack of iron in third world country diets, that leads to many health issues long term including tiredness, lack of focus and sometimes problems during pregnancy and even death.’

Many would say – well I am sure there are iron supplements – but think of the cost and associated problems with transportation, education, corruption etc that mean this is not a solution. So how can innovative design help – well welcome to the “Lucky Iron Fish”

The beauty of the design is as suggested it simplicity – when this iron fish is placed into cooking pots regularly it can provide a whole family with upto 75% of their daily iron intake needs for five years. And to be boot – it is cute, beautifully designed and cheap! Add to that a clever marketing ploy – to enable people to service these communities through giving – I hope that it succeeds!

So what can you learn from this – KEEP IT SIMPLE and you MAY HAVE THE BEST DESIGNS, and SO THE BEST MAJOR PROJECT in your class, in the Design Technology IB cohort and maybe you may SOLVE A PROBLEM THAT CAN HELP MANY MANY PEOPLE.

P.S. Can you think of any other examples – if so please comment and share.