You may have already sent your application(s), you may be in the process of completing your application(s) or you may be just beginning to think about application (s). Whichever applies to you, follow some simple rules to stay up-to-date with all the communications that you are receiving or are about to receive:


Step One: Keep a record of all your applications (copy each application/take a snapshot of each page of each application/print copies and keep a digital/paper file of them all)

Step Two: Keep a record of all your IDs and PASSWORDS for each application

Step Three: Create FOLDERS in your Email INBOX for each university applied to and for each application portal such as UCAS, STUDIELINK, Common App, OUAC, CAO etc

Step Four: When you receive emails place the email into the relevant FOLDER immediately (read the email from inside the FOLDER not from inside the INBOX)

Step Five: Reply to email requests from Admissions teams immediately

Step Six: Track your online application portals at least once a week (more information or documentation may be required by the institution)

Step Seven: If you are required to submit digital portfolios/VDOs follow the guidelines and instructions very carefully. There will be size/time restrictions!

Step Eight: If you are required to attend an interview/audition double check the details, practice with friends or family and arrange travel plans

Step Nine: If you are applying for financial aid/scholarships, check out the details and deadlines. These can be different to application deadlines!


Step Ten: Once you have received offers, reply to each Admissions team with a thank you email.

Step Eleven: Make a list of decision deadlines. Don’t miss a reply deadline!

Step Twelve: Once you have decided on your top choice, choose your accommodation option and pay the deposit in good time. Don’t miss out on your favourite accommodation!

Remember: Keep your College Counsellor/HE Advisor/Careers Advisor informed of EVERYTHING and especially keep your parents/guardians informed of EVERYTHING especially with regard to fees and finance!

And finally, Good Luck!!!