One of the most enduring lessons that I’ve taken from CAS is that the when, where, why, and how of students reach the 7 Learning Outcomes in experiential learning are very hard to predict.

Similarly the applicability of the passions and skill-sets that are discovered and unleashed  in CAS don’t always occur as you expect or anticipate.

Consider these factors of relevance, sustainability, passion, and ‘grit’ as you read Bao Cao’s CAS story.

From a start in helping to organise soccer games, tournaments and coaching sessions in his high school he now finds himself – “a qualified youth soccer coach and as I prepare to become the head soccer coach of two and potentially three recreational youth soccer teams in Massachusetts, I am grateful for the CAS program which really encourages you to put yourself out there and contribute to the communities around you, whether at school or outside.”

Leave yourself open to the experiences and learning in CAS.

Like Bao Cao you can never predict where your learning in CAS will add value to yourself and the communities in which you live and learn.

As he rightly states, “The IB isn’t just about studying. It’s about discovering who you are and what you are passionate about and believe in.”