The DP visual arts course currently has two components – studio and investigation. There will be three components in the new course, but in many ways the focus will stay the same: students will continue to research and look at art from different times and places, and they will continue to make art, and there will be a link between the two.


It’s great if your students can look at ‘real’ art, of course – exhibition and gallery visits, and if possible interacting with artists – but that is not to say (of course) that students should avoid using the Internet.

Whether you are located in a metropolitan hub, with art galleries within easy reach, or in the middle of nowhere, the Internet is full of possible routes for research and ideas that may stimulate art-making activities.

A blog posted on February 20th by Patti Ruffing, Discovery Education Blogger, contains some very useful links (“a treasure trove of art appreciation resources to share with students”) and can be found here, together with some useful quotes

According to Kim Kanatani of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, “By asking students to think like artists, we are imparting 21st-century skills in encouraging them to approach problems with creativity and analytic thought rather than just recitation of facts.””

There is also a great video, blending art and technology in a version of van Gogh’s Starry Night, created by Petros Vrellis.