I have made a few references to the university of Nottingham’s ‘Periodic Table of Elements‘ – it is a great website and worth a look if you have not already done so. However, I was also pleasantly surprised to see one of my blogging colleagues in Physics’ refer to their equivalent.

It is called ‘Sixty Symbols‘ and is also produced by the university of Nottingham – it contains, as you have probably already guessed sixty click-able physics symbols (such as ghost particles and the butterfly effect). That said, there are a few symbols that cross over into the realm of Chemistry.

They may not be directly related to Chemistry but they offer the listener a Physics perspective on some aspects of chemistry. The student won’t be examined on any of this material but it will certainly broaden their horizons and (hopefully) help them to understand Chemistry better.

I would recommend listening to (amongst others) ‘Guiness’, ‘De Broglie’, ‘Alpha Beta Gamma’ and the ‘Gold Particle’.

But which is the better website – Physics or Chemistry. I will let you be the judge of that……