If you’re an IB student currently working towards final IB exams you’re probably asking yourself: Why do I need to revise History with OSC? An IB History expert, who has taught on OSC’s Exam Revision Courses for two decades, explains why:

The IB History syllabus is international history: an intensive OSC revision course allows students to see the ‘big picture’, that is the connections between different topics and countries, and makes it easier to understand the similarities and the differences between different case studies they have covered.

Revising History on an OSC course, where students can select and review the key topics they have covered in an immersive and highly focused way, allows students to deepen their understanding and recall of the syllabus material and concepts much more effectively than revising a variety of topics separately over an extended period of time.

History is a very content heavy subject so keeping revision interesting and effective is a big challenge when a student needs to revisit topics on a number of occasions. An OSC History course helps students keep their revision fresh and productive because they review the topics they have studied with new teachers in a new setting with different students.

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