Finding suitable resources to introduce the context or theories and concepts to students in an engaging way is often challenging. So, I decided to try and help with this task by suggesting suitable resources with brief outline to IB BM teachers. Definitely there are variety of resources out there and this list can be just a starter list for exploring more

Case studies have been the main tools for teaching business theories and concepts and several websites offer good case studies or business articles that can be adjusted to the students’ needs and used to teach or enhance understanding of how businesses work.



The case studies on this site are a bit too long for high school students but can be adapted and only parts of them used to introduce a concept or present the context for teaching and learning of a topic. The case studies are arranged by topic and are easy to navigate.


  1. Harvard Business Review ( )

Harvard Business Review has great business articles that can be used as mini-case study by teachers for a certain topic or can be used to introduce a topic by starting a discussion. It also has videos and other features that can be used to teach the CUEGIS concepts. An example of such a video is the recent : “How cultures across the world approach leadership”. And there is a lot more here that is worth exploring. A fantastic resource which I strongly recommend.


  1. Deloitte University Press ( )

This resource is useful as every year there is a highlight on technology trends (innovation). The analytical articles are very useful for the Innovation part of the CUEGIS concept and to stay tuned to the newest things in technology and how they affect business organizations and business practices.



This website is useful for those times when a teacher is looking for a quick reminder of a topic content. Can also be used by students for revision before test. Seems that it has been prepared by a teacher for teachers and students to use.


  1. BBC Bitesize

The educational part of BBC has a range of resources that can be used in the BM classroom. I especially like the short video clips as they make a good starter on a topic to be learned. The website features brief introductions to topics, short video clips and also some MCQ quizzes on the topics learned. It is created mainly to support the IGCSE Business subject but can be used also for the IB BM classroom as an introduction to a topic.


  1. BBC Business News

The BBC business news section can be useful in many ways to both teachers and students. Teachers can extract suitable news articles from it and use those as starters or introductions on a topic. Students should read the business news and this website makes a good read with the current business news. It can also be helpful as students can select companies to research and prepare for the CUEGIS part of Paper 2 where the CUEGIS concepts are examined.


  1. YouTube

Videos related to business concepts created by the University of St. Gallen. As they are visually attractive they can spark interest and increase motivation. A good way to start a lesson or a discussion.


  1. Tutor2u

There are study notes and resources for a variety of business topics and also some case studies and videos.  It is quite simple but this can allow for appropriate differentiation in the classroom.


And some resources for those BM students who like to be challenged:


Interesting business articles and analysis are published here for real-world businesses. It also offers notes on some business topics. INSEAD also publishes case studies and has won several awards for their publications.


10. Knowledge@Wharton

The University of Pennsylvania business website features interesting business articles from the real world. The analysis of business events is excellent and students can stay updated on the most current business events.


These are just a few of the resources which are out there and which can be of great support to BM teachers. Why don’t you share the resources that have proven to be successful in your classroom?