Many HL ITGS students are now returning after the summer holidays and their attention is turning towards the 2016 Case Study focused on Smart Homes for their May 2016 Paper 3 examination. Over the summer a wealth of resources have been emerging to support the investigation of this topic. All are available to students and teachers.

Facebook Group: 2016 Case Study

One of the starting points for investigating the case study is to understand the terminology and IT systems in the case study. All ITGS teachers and students are welcome to follow this public group. Articles posted have focused on the impacts of smart homes, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), IFTTT and related topics.

Smart homes screenshot


Case Study 2016 – Paper 3 (ITGSopedia wiki)

This public webpage consist of four areas: best links, files or pdf articles, videos, and latest online resources. The resources are posted by experienced ITGS educators to help guide the secondary research related to the Case Study. These resources also help provide ideas for primary investigations and research. The intent is that students should be able to plan their primary investigations and make comparisons to their findings from the secondary research.

The resources on this page will be continuously update until the May 2016 and November 2016 Paper 3 examinations. The latest online resources show only the most recent 20 postings. For the entire list of resources relating to Smart Homes, the Diigo group for ITGSopedia will need to be accessed.  See next topic.


Diigo Resources for Case Study 2016

The resources in Diigo have been tagged with 7.16_case_study_2016. This means in order to access ALL of the resources for this Case Study, the ITGSopedia group in Diigo will need to searched for this tag.

Diigo ITGSopedia search

It is possible to search ITGSopedia for any topic in the ITGS Guide by following the directions and Global Tagging System that has been used to create the resource list at the bottom of each page.