If you are a ‘May’ session school it is that time of year again – you need to start thinking about getting your IA results up to date and your marks sent off to the IB. Once that has been done, you will be told which students work will have to be sent to the moderator.

Here are a few reminders / tips to help the moderator and the moderation process:

1, Ensure the sample of work is neat and logically ordered. Think to yourself, if I were the moderator receiving this work, would I be able to follow it / understand it?

2, Make sure all the correct paperwork is included – ie, the 4/IA declaration form – all the teachers need to sign this and the lab cover sheets or a copy of the instructions given to students.

3, Are the 4/PSOW’s correctly filled in? Are all the assessed grades included? Are the two highest grades for each criteria highlighted / circled? Have you completed the ICT component? Have the teacher signed the form? Have the students? It helps to write the total number of hours somewhere on the front cover of the 4/PSOW.

4, Don’t send any un-needed info – you do not have to send in a copy / evidence of the Group 4 project.

5, Help the moderator – mark and annotate the work. The moderator wants to see your comments. The moderators role is to support you in your marking – so if your marking is absent it makes the moderators job harder. Use comments and the IB criteria (eg, Design, aspect = complete = 2 marks) on the work.

6, Number the pages of the students work. Write the students name and candidate number on each piece of work. This helps the moderator if the work becomes messed up / out of order (by the moderator).

Good luck and I hope the process runs smoothly for you! 😎