This week my students started working on their Practical Performance Proposal. Of course, we have done many practices in the past and have also carried out a lot of practical work on how to devise original theatre from a starting point. There are always things they forget to do though, or more clarification needed. This is why I put together this document, of key tips and feedback, for them to refer to. All the points are taken from the IB examiner report, but I have just fleshed them out a little. I hope that they help you.

Some starting notes

When writing your PPP you need to have a clear vision of the performance and how theatre processes lead to outcomes – this means how lighting works, how space is used and other technical aspects of the production combine to achieve your intended messages and impacts.

Draw on practical work you have experienced to be able to describe the process of play making from starting point to realization – draw on productions you have seen and been a part of creating.


The Pitch

For this you want to include the following:

  • Descriptions of stage action
  • Intended performance space
  • Design choices
  • A clear vision of the practical performance
  • Story line with vision of PRODUCTION

N.B. The pitch needs to open doors to a clear vision of the intended outcome of the production as a whole and be a carrot to make the reader want to look at section 2 to see how this vision will be realized.

Supporting materials

For this section you want to include:

  • Initial personal reactions to the stimulus
  • Brainstorms of ideas
  • Research
  • Justified links to secondary stimuli
  • A process of development from stimulus to production
  • Justification for all choices made
  • Convey what happens on stage
  • Storylines
  • Play descriptions (breakdown of scenes0
  • Storyboards
  • Communicate: space, blocking, movement, sound, design (lights, costumes & set)
  • Appropriate theatre terminology
  • Specific designs
  • All material that is not original is SOURCED
  • Any downloaded images need to be developed and show how they are part of a larger idea or process ie. Showing how they are used and developed through personal thought

The Report

This section needs to:

  • Show research developed through the work
  • Add a further layer of understanding of theories and applied practice
  • Show clear evidence of theoretical study
  • Refer to the stimulus and concept of the production
  • Outline clear examples of practical effects stemming from the application of theory
  • Say how impacts and resonances will be achieved through the use of practical effects