No, this message is not a letter or a text or a phone call from your parents.  Writing makes you a better writer.  Just as reading (anything, virtually) makes you a better reader, writing helps you overcome one of the great hurdles of education.  People in general don’t write very well or in very interesting ways.  Write a lot, write everyday!  I’d have to say that almost every student I’ve taught in the IB said, when asked, ‘what are you doing in this course?’, responded with some form of ‘learn to write better.’

And here’s something you may not have tried:  Fan Fiction. Seriously.  What’s your current favorite novel?  Did it leave you wanting more, or thinking about how it could have been written better or differently?  Did you know you could do some things, at least, better? Here’s a link to what a Wall Street Journal writer did with the topic of fan fiction.

And there’s huge site simply called ‘Fan Fiction’–check it out:

You know you’ll have a little time on your hands this summer…please, please write…anything.