This is a quick note for those students who are just starting the IB Physics Diploma Course.  For most students, they take the HL course because they really like the subject or it is a requirement for their ultimate application to university (a physics or engineering course). Students often take the SL course because they simply like the subject.

I am not aware of any student that has ever taken the Physics Diploma Course because… they want an easy life! The course is tough and arguably, tougher than most. But this post is to emphasise an important point: At Diploma Level, Physics is like a different subject when compared to either GCSE or MYP (or some other earlier course). And this difference is important – the subject becomes far more mathematical and if you do not like maths, then it will not be the subject for you. Further, if you are taking the course because you wish to ultimately apply for engineering or physics at university, you must like maths.

So be prepared for this and accept that fact that you must work hard on the maths as well as the physics. This is tough, but the path through the work is an exciting one that could change your life.