Allan Carrington’s Padagogy Wheel 4.1 has undergone a number of iterations over the years. It encourages educators to use and adapt the Padagogy Wheel under Creative Commons license 3.0. The most recent English version 4.1 has set a notable target for creating the Padagogy Wheel in 22 other languages by the end of 2016.


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The current  Padagogy Wheel Poster 4.1 can be printed as an A3 or A2 size poster or used electronically by clicking on the links on the online version. Access to both are available on the In Support of Excellence website.

In order to understand the Padagogy Wheel, its evolution and how to use it, Alan Carrington has created a short video to help teachers understand the significance of V4 here is a 11 min audio narrated presentation on the “evolution” of the Padagogy Wheel and how to use it.

What is particularly notable about the wheel and the explanation in the video is not simply the range of web 2.0 tools that have been related to Bloom’s Taxonomy, SAMR and the work of Daniel Pink, but Alan Carrington’s emphasis at the center that focuses on ‘Graduate Attributes and Capabilities’, a profile for students when they graduate from high school.

There are many ideas that underpin the Padagogy Wheel that parallel the ideas in the IB continuum including attributes in the Learner Profile and Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL).


Online version of the Padagogy Wheel v4.1 with links to applications

Padagogy Wheel 4.1 Poster with links to applications

Video: The Padagogy Wheel so far: The Release of 4.0

The Padagogy Wheel V4.0 …the Next Generation

The Padagogy Wheelhouse

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