At OSC, we are passionate about providing support for IB Diploma Programme students and schools. Our experienced IB experts visit schools around the world delivering free, pedagogical presentations to IB students.

Every year, we visit over 200 IB schools around the world. Designed to be an extra tool to help IB Coordinators manage their cohorts, the presentations offer students different perspectives from an external, experienced IB expert.

Each presentation is interactive and covers key skills, tips, tricks and advice crucial for IB success. Parents are also invited to listen and learn, whilst one presentation has been designed specifically for parents only.

“I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of our Upper Sixth for your suberb presentation. It was fun, wholly engaging and very informative. Our pupils were buzzing afterwards!” – IB Teacher

OSC are pleased to offer the following pedagogical presentations.

Why do the IBDP

A supportive presentation that looks at the pros and cons of taking the IBDP and what universities and colleges think of the programme. Helpful guidance on important subject choices and typical workloads will also be offered.

Time Management

An overview of skills and tools to help IB students use and manage their time effectively. Six strategies will be given to help students handle academic stresses and control multiple jobs.

Study Skills

A survey of the skills students need, how to develop them and how to motivate and train yourself in them.

Presentation Skills

Distinct skills are required to do well in presentations. This presentation offers practical advice, simple tricks and formats to help develop these skills and increase grades.

Revision and Review

A presentation that provides useful and practical advice on how best to prepare for the IB exams and maximise potential.

Examiner Tips

What do IB examiners want, hate and love? An interactive presentation that offers plenty of advice and tips from an examiner on how to approach the exams.

Nine Great Things

Year one of the IBDP can be daunting and quite overwhelming for some. OSC’s IB experts have collaborated with IB teachers and examiners to give nine essential pieces of advice on how to succeed in year one.

Starting the Extended Essay

An informative and practical guide from an Extended Essay expert on how to choose topics, devise a useful RQ and start research.

Finishing the Extended Essay

A written Extended Essay does not necessarily mean finished. In this presentation, our Extended Essay expert explains how to maximum marks using simple checks.

Group 4 Project

What does the Group 4 Project consist of and how important is it? This interactive workshop answers these questions and asks students to do a mini project and evaluate it against the criteria.

How can parents support IB students?

A survey of the five practical things that parents can do to support their child throughout the IB Diploma.

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If you could like to hear more about our school visit programme, or to request a visit, please email us at [email protected].