A few weeks ago (July 15 – 18) the third annual IBDP Les Tapies visual arts workshop was held in a sunny little hamlet near to Saint Pierreville in the south of France. Thirteen art teachers from all over the world attended this category 3 workshop, and some also stayed on after the visual arts sessions to paint and draw in the beautiful Ardèche environment, creating their personal and artistic responses to being there.

Changes to the methods of assessment were, predictably, among the many issues we examined, considered and discussed.

Next year’s 4 day Les Tapies workshop (July 14 – 17, 2013) is a combined level 2 – 3, and is already being advertised on the IBO.org workshops site


Space is limited and although it’s admittedly early to be thinking about next summer, if you are interested it really makes sense to inquire and even book early (rather than leaving it too late and possibly being disappointed.)

Face-to-face workshops are immediate, direct and very intensive, whereas online workshops are longer and in many ways provide opportunities for greater depth and detail when looking at aspects of the visual arts programme, over a period of 4 or 6 weeks.

In October a six-week category 1 ONLINE visual arts workshop (October 8 – November 19) is available – information here


Do you ask your students to look at and/or use Art as part of their studio and investigation processes? Also in October there is a three week online workshop entitled “Artists using Art: enhancing art teaching and learning through Transcription and Appropriation” – visit


This workshop considers how artists use the art of other artists – whether this is through copying, appropriation, transcription, or recontextualization, and how these ideas can enhance teaching visual arts.

Photographs are from the 2012 Les Tapies summer workshop