Design Genius an old series but still a great series from the BBC which looks at all aspects of design. What is even better is that it is still on Youtube and easy to download and utilise as well.

“A classic design is not simply defined by how well it functions or its impact. Classic designs are often recognized across culture and hold iconic status. Classic designs can be recognized as from their design movement/era. Yet, originality— whether it is evolutionary or revolutionary—seems to be the trait that makes a product “timeless”. (3.10)

Episode 5 really seems to link well with the new Unit 6 – Classic Design – and then ends with the fact that maybe even though classic designs are important new technological paradigms and the necessity to reuse, recycle and find efficient ways to lead to sustainable design and manufacture.

The video is an excellent starter to look at some of the main features to what is considered classic design :-

  • Image
  • Status and culture
  • Obsolescence
  • Mass production
  • Ubiquitous/omnipresence
  • Dominant designn
  • Form versus function
  • Retro-styling
  • Conflict and compromise
  • Practical function versus psychological function

Worth a mention is also the video – Objectified – which is not free to utilise – but definitely worth purchasing if only to see the explanation of why the Japanese toothpick was designed the way it was!