One of the suggested options in Part 4 is digital texts, something not many have taken up.  I’m providing a link here to ‘Tailspin,’ a narrative I picked up from a course described on the MLA commons.  I think you might find it interesting and usable for 2 reasons: it deals with some intergenerational issues, particularly empathy, and it raises some very interesting provocations about the nature of narrative technique, particularly the linear versus the broken, and here the combination of the reader and the creator as ‘author.’  It’s really quite straightforward to navigate: you simply pull up, one by one, all the nautilus spirals on a page, in whatever order you like.  When you’ve ‘read’ them all, the blue central spiral will come up to put you on the next set of choices.  It takes about 15 minutes to read.  I think it would be a great classroom or homework assignment, raising some interesting questions and insights about narrative technique, with a good balance between what your students know/understand and what you do.