a)      Two weeks to go.

Another IBDP visual arts date for your diary: in two weeks (Monday February 25th) for teachers and DP coordinators the IBIS upload doors will (should) open.

This will give you the opportunity to see the interface and to start uploading some of your students’ studio work and/or investigation pages. The final electronic submission deadline for all files will still be April 10th.


b)      The candidate upload.

Inevitably the whole upload/submission process is going to be quite time-consuming, particularly for teachers who have large classes (and anything over 15 is a large class in my book).

But there was (and still is) a plan to have the candidates responsible for their own upload.

In addition to visual arts I teach Theory of Knowledge, so have a little bit of experience of the ‘students uploading to IBIS’ idea – my ToK group managed reasonably successfully to all upload their ToK essays to IBIS using their personal pins a week ago.

However, that was 1 essay, and for visual arts we are talking about (for HLA) possibly 18 studio files plus 2 exhibition overview photographs, their candidate statement and an investigation file (one file with up to 30- pages). So it’s a tad more complicated.

But with a bit of practice, patience, support and organization, most students should cope – but they won’t have the chance to do this until November, because unfortunately the technology team at IB have not quite resolved the ‘candidate upload’ process in time for the upcoming session.

c)       The cloud

From the May 2013 examination session candidate work will be submitted to a cloud facility, rather than the previously used infrastructure.


Images: my photos of clouds

Information:  http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/occ/home/NewsMain.cfm?paramNewsID=1311&subject=visar&home=